Gotham Academy
About Gotham

Gotham Professional Arts Academy is a college-preparatory high school focusing on the arts and arts-related professions. In a stimulating and supportive environment, students will challenge themselves academically and artistically. Students will work together on collaborative creative projects, such as plays and musical performances, art exhibits, poetry slams, and publications. Internships in arts industries such as Music, Fashion, Design, and the Performing Arts will offer students real world experiences and contacts. Graduation is based on a portfolio of academic and creative work designed to build the habits necessary to succeed in college and careers.

Gotham Professional Arts Academy is a member of Coalition of Essential Schools , a national educational organization founded on student-centered learning and high standards achieved through concrete, meaningful assignments. Gotham's mentor school, Urban Academy, is one of the most successful small schools in New York City, regularly sending 90% of its graduates on to college. By choosing Gotham, you will be choosing a school that is part of a community of highly successful small schools.

Prospective Gotham Professional Arts Students:

  • Have a creative passion, which may or may not have been recognized in an academic setting.
  • Want to pursue a college program or career in an arts-related field.
  • Seek real world exposure to arts-related careers through internships and volunteer work.
  • Are committed to succeeding in high school, meeting rigorous graduation standards and earning a diploma.
  • Are genuinely curious about the world and are committed to expanding their horizons.

Gotham Professional Arts Academy Students will:

  • Join a diverse community united around high expectations and positive outcomes
  • Engage in meaningful academic inquiry guided by highly trained teachers.
  • Meet and exceed state standards through meaningful performance-based assessments.
  • Participate in collaborative creative projects like plays, exhibits, publications and performances.
  • Use the city as a resource through frequent class trips and off-site learning opportunities.